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What are the negatives to living in University Park area?
What are the negatives to living in University Park area?

28 June 2014

Here are few things that your real-state broker will not tell you about living in University Park area.

University Park and Highland Park are very nice, safe areas of town. There are streets lined with huge canopies of trees that are so picturesque. You can still get larger lots in the area and there is also new construction.

It’s not near an International airport, though. It’s by Love Field Airport. The major carrier out of there is Southwest Airlines. You can look up their schedule, but I don’t know if they’ll fly to all the destinations your hubby will need to go to.

Every school in the HP district is rated exemplary. They spend more than $18k per year per student to educate and have an average classroom student to teacher ratio of 16:1. As far as peer pressure goes, where are you going to go to avoid it? It’s everywhere. There is a lot of wealth here. Texas also has one of the highest concentrations of millionaires per capita. The people who live in the Park Cities for the most part know how to make and manage wealth. There are some people that have inherited wealth and others that are trying to keep up with the Jones’ and are barely keeping their heads above water. But, for the vast majority, they know how to manage wealth and teach their children these same skills. The friends your kids could be making in UP could be developers, Senators, or the next Bill Gates. If all kids are exposed to is one of way of life, that’s all they are going to know. So, exposure to other ways of life could be an important factor.

They are very serious about lawn maintenance and trash cans being put away at the proper times. This, however, only helps you maintain your property value, so I wouldn’t really consider it a con?

Property taxes are very high. I would recommend the 75230 zip code area. Not Preston Hollow but just north of PH and still inside the 635 loop. Good schools- public and private- and great lots w/mature trees. You can get better price per square footage in this zip code region. Try Melshire Estates there are some really beautiful homes for sale there now. I remember one in particular that we looked at with a cascading goldfish fountain on a really large lot that was so beautiful.